San Diego Zoo Trip

Eli’s Grandma & Grandpa got Lyndsey and I season passes to the World Famous San Diego Zoo for his first birthday present. This way Eli can see all the crazy wild animals as much as possible. Since the zoo is only 15 minutes from the house or less, it is a great gift. Lyndsey and Eli have already been a couple of times, but the whole family finally got to go this weekend and it was a blast.

I played to tourist and took as many pictures that I could, along with some video. The video and images are in chronological order of our walk through the zoo. I hope that you enjoy!!

P.S. I had to update the video because Youtube informed us that there was apparently a copyright conflict with the original Bob Dylan song that we put on the video. Go figure. I hope you enjoy the new score to the video as it is a little more upbeat. M79 by Vampire Weekend.

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