Saratoga Flea Markett

garage sale photo
Last weekend a bunch of the neighbors on the 4500 block of Saratoga got together and had a garage sale. It worked out perfect for us because we were in the process of moving out of our house in the back and into the front house on the property. This meant that we had a lot of extra stuff that we wanted to get rid of. I think the block garage sale is a great idea and I give props to our neighbor Keely for arranging it. All of the neighbors were out with their kids and their junk enjoying what turned out to be a great afternoon.

It has been a couple of years since our last garage sale but it seamed like we still got a few of the same people. It is funny what you open yourself up to when you let strangers go though your junk. Some people are really interesting, but others are just odd. All in all it was a great time and every buddy that participated on our end got to score a little extra scratch and room in their closets.
Check out the entire album on picasa.

Saratoga 4500BLK Garage Sale

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  1. Sorry Eli didn’t make the video, it was when he went down for a nap that I was free and grabbed the cameras.

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