Nothing Yet

The waiting game is starting to drag on and on. It is kind of funny, the way my mind subconsciously responds to the waiting. I crammed in all work projects that I could last week thinking that after d-day I may not have as much time to get things done. I am afraid to start anything new because I want to be all there for Lyndsey when her body kicks into labor mode. So lately I have been tinkering on ground work for new projects, and getting in as much surf that I can. Fortunately the first NW WNW swells of the season started to kick in last weekend and we have had solid surf the past few days. When I am not at the house, or I start something new at work, I am subconsciously in hurry to get through whatever I am doing as fast as I can, so that I don’t miss anything. And for the past 5 days that anything has been nothing, if you know what I mean. So I thought that I would post another picture of Lyndsey. What can I say, She is a Knockout!

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