Neighborhood Halloween in South Austin

Halloween is a lot of fun in our neighborhood in South Austin, and this year even the rain couldn’t get us down. Last year was the kids first real attempt at trick or treating. We took Eli out once before when we lived in San Diego, but he was just a baby.  All of the other years we were in Costa Rica, where they don’t really do any trick or treating, so the kids didn’t know what they were missing.

Not this year, this year they new exactly what to expect and so the anticipation and excitement the days leading up, was almost too much to handle. Their mom gets in on the holiday excitement as well and can barely wait to get the house decorated for Halloween.

Lyndsey’s Mom, her mom’s mom and even further up the family tree is a tradition of taking it to the next level when it comes to holiday decor. Her grandma even made the local evening news for having so many decorations up in their yard. So I suppose it should be no surprise that this year she started to get decorations out at the end of September. She swore she saw other neighbors doing it, but I am pretty sure she beat everyone by a good week or two.

All the same she really out did herself and we had one of the coolest houses in the neighborhood, if I do say so myself. I mean lets face it, it is kind of hard to beat a 5ft tall and 10ft wide spider climbing over a house onto a web that spreads across half of the yard. The spider was a complete DIY project with Yoga Balls, PVC tubes and black spray paint. Needless to say it got the holiday spirit started pretty earlier in this household which made it so much more fun the day of.

We started out the evening at a friends house down the street so we could all meet up and hangout before trick or treating. It started to rain off an on which could have put a damper on the night, but the kids didn’t seem to care one bit. I feel that in actuality the rain probably kept some kids from coming out, so those that did make it our got a lot of extra candy.

It may have took us a little over two hours to hit up all the houses on our street and one over. We were with a rather large group at first that began to dwindle down as the younger kids started to get more tired. Not our kids of coarse, they used our stroller to hold their extra booty and emptied out their buckets a few times to get a fresh start.

This morning they started to count their candy to get an idea of how well they did. I had to cut them off at 200 pieces and get them ready for school. They still had another 100 pieces or so to go before they were finished counting. Overall I would say the kids did really well, as Eli put it to me this morning on his way to school, “Hey Dad, we are rich with candy!”

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