Judah’s Gnarly Jungle Rash

Judah Jungle RashOur dog Judah, a nine year old Labrador retriever, made the trip to Costa Rica a few months after we came down with my Mom. We decided since we had enough on our platter with me being 7 months pregnant, having a two year old, and not having a house rented yet, we were better off having him come down after we got more settled in. And it worked out great! Well great for us, a little more stressful for my mom. All in all, his trip to Costa Rica went off without a hitch.

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In order to fly Judah down to Costa Rica we got him up to date on all his shots. Which you have to time correctly because the Rabies shot has to be within 3 years but further than a couple of months before travel. Then within 10 days before travel my mom took him to the vet to have a checkup and complete an International Health Certificate. After that she had to take that form to be certified by the local USDA in our area. This is a great link that describes the process for not only Importing pets to Costa Rica, but other countries as well… Pet Travel International

Once the day had arrived to fly to Costa, my mom had a little trouble at the airport because the plane she was flying from OKC to Dallas was a commuter jet and they said the kennel was to large to fit through the baggage door! She powered through and turns out they were wrong, the kennel barely fit and off they went! Once she landed in Costa Rica Judah’s kennel came out with the oversize baggage right by the baggage carrousel and she had a porter help her to put him on a push cart. They zoomed right through customs and the guys didn’t even really check the paperwork we went through all that trouble to get, no worries though, he made it!

Now that he’s here though, we have a whole new slew of issues to deal with. The most reoccurring being the mud and wet dog smell due to rainy season, but the most troublesome is all the biting insects not to mention snakes! Our first trip to the vet was last week because Judah got the worst hot spots he’s ever had in his life! Judah has had many episodes of hot spots before, but these were intense, and they happened fast. We believe they happened in part due to his first swim in the ocean combined with his coat not being able to dry in the jungle humidity and being bit by something like a flea or mosquito. It started with a spot on his rump which then progressed to 4 grapefruit size hairless spots along his rear in addition to another on his cheek! They where pink, hairless, and a little pussy and bloody, YUCKY! It started on Friday night and we got him in to the vet  first thing on Monday morning.

The vet was amazing, we were recommend to go to Dog the Cat clinic located 25 meters south of Super Costa. She had us drop him off and when we picked him up he was a new dog! She had him completely shaved, which not only helped the spots heal faster and him dry quicker, but SO much less shedding! YAY!!! She put him on antibiotics, and gave us a cleaning spray and antibiotic cream to put on him along with a “cone of shame” as I like to call it. He did surprisingly well with the cone and it was able to come off about a 12 days later. Judah is looking and feeling tons better and I am going to start getting him shaved every couple of months to keep him cool and dry.


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