a Boy and a Puppy

American Bulldog

I can’t say that it has been totally easy raising a 3 year old boy an 11 month old girl and a 4 month old puppy at the same time. Often Lyndsey and I have sat back and asked ourselves, “What have we done?”

Kids are awesome, so are puppies, but the two mixed together in a 24×7 household can get a little hectic at times to say the least.

Boy & Dog

Needless to say we have found that it really helps to take them out and let them burn some energy together. A little walk into the jungle, a stroll down to secret beach, or a pretend adventure at the reef, whatever it takes to let them get our and burn some steam.

Watching a boy and his puppy interact together when they are playing is a lot of fun.

Beach Walk

When you get them out it is amazing to see how they interact together. In the house at times they almost act like siblings, sometimes they play, sometimes they fight, but too often they tend to be getting into each others way. When they go out for walks they act like a pack or a family. They are no longer siblings or roommates but dear friends on an adventure together.

Eli Cash Coburn

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