Día de la Independencia de Costa Rica

We have been living full time in Costa Rica now for over a year in half and have enjoyed the ups and downs that come with living in small town at the end of dirt road in the middle of no-where. Ticos are some of the friendliest and happiest people on the planet, especially when it comes to celebrating their independence. Most city’s have a parade while regional schools have perform dance routines and have events. Costa Rica gained their independence from Spain 192 years ago on September 15,1821.

Dia de Costa Rica

Not only does Costa Rica celebrate their independence day on September 15, but the rest of Central America does as well. First Guatemala proclaimed independence from Spain for all of Central America, Costa Rica learned the news a month later. The first constitution, the Pacto de Concordia, was soon adopted. This led to the celebration of the first elections in December of 1821.

Costa Rica Independence Day

The Independence Torch is the national symbol for Costa Rica. Students across the nation will have the honor to carry and run the lit torch that is coming from Guatemala. The torch represents the news of independence arriving to Costa Rica. The torch will arrive in Costa Rica September 15 and will be carried by select chosen students from different schools around the nation.

Cute Outifts

Students across nation celebrate this joyous occasion by reenacting the torch run through Central America as a sign of freedom and liberty. This year we joined other parents and students at Eli’s school to celebrate Costa Rica’s independence. It started out with songs and crafts then a torch run through town and finally a typical food feast at the school.

In on the action

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