A New Batch

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Eli’s Grandma / Lyndsey Mom came into town last Sunday to visit and help out with Eli for a week. It has been nice having her around. We almost got to go on another date, but Eli had his mind set on something different. We have had a nice time visiting with her and getting things done around the house, like gardening.

Well I can almost say that I have the first garden plot ready for it’s new vegetable garden. I turned over another batch of humus/compost from my tumbler bin last weekend on my birthday and have been mixing it into the soil for the past week. About four months ago, after the first good rains, red winger worms from my vermicomposter bin migrated next door to the tumbler. I guess they liked the environment because they multiplied themselves and took over the bin turning the entire tumbler into a vermicomposter. That means that instead of my bin being full of fresh compost, my bin was full of humus. Worm Poo. This is one of the best things you can add to your organic soil. It jump starts the soil, giving the plants nutrients to grow strong and healthy. I will probably start planting seeds and plants next week once I figure out my plot arrangement.

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3 thoughts on “A New Batch

  1. Yay! Eli and Sydney have the exact same exersaucer :). It’s so funny to see how parallel our lives are…One of us is always working in the garden/yard while the other one is holding the baby.

  2. It is crazy how close our family planning and activities parallel each others on their own accord. Eli and Sydney have no idea what they have coming!

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