Yard Work

This past week was so nice out that Ricky and I spent alot of time working in the yard. I am so glad that spring is here and summer is right around the corner. I kind of feel like I missed out on it last year in way because I was so preoccupied with my changing body and growing baby.  Now with Eli here and me back in fighting form I have been getting my hands dirty!

We started with claiming the yard back from the chickens. YAY! No more  fence blocking the yard from view, no more chicken droppings on the walkway! We just extended there coop into the grotto area that we hardly ever used anyway because of all the creepy crawlies living there, which the chickens actually love. They are doing fine with the change, of course they would prefer free rein of the yard but we had to draw the line somewhere.

Next I worked on extending the walkway to connect it to the patio off of Ricky’s office. Ricky then dug trenches all around the path to keep it clean whenever it rains or we use the sprinklers this summer. I repotted all my plants and strategically placed them in the perfect positions all over the yard. Ricky prepped the main garden with little hills and trenches and chopped down some of the cactus that was taking up valuable sunlight.

A large part of our yard is covered by shade for the most part of the day and I have had trouble finding a ground cover suitable to cover the area. I finally decided on a couple of flats of moneywort. It has a really pretty leaf, but most importantly it grows and spreads fast, tolerates shade, and once established doesn’t need a ton of water. Perfect!

This whole time Eli was sitting on his baja blanket under the umbrella in the middle of the yard playing happily. He really loves watching us work outside.

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