Whatever You Can Find Buffet

This may or may not be interesting to you, but it still blows my mind. That is how food obsessed my 6 year old Lab is. I can’t believe that it still blows my mind, I mean he has bean this way from the first day we had him at 3 months old. I remember the day we brought him home, Lyndsey and I where so naive and excited that we praised him for everything that he did. The first thing that we did was give him some food. Now we had read that sometimes puppies take a while to eat being on their own, but not our pup. He walked right up to the food bowl, and like a vacuum cleaner devoured everything inside that bowl. Well over 5,000 feedings later he is the exact same. I say feedings referring to the 2 times a day we put food in his bowl. I am sure that he helps himself to a couple of more feedings on his own with anything that he can put in his mouth. Unfortunately, anything! Because of this, and the three hens appetites, we keep them separate in our yard now. They can intermingle but only when we are watching. The hens will try to eat our young vegetables and Judah tries to eat their poop. So they have their own territories now. To accomplish this I ghetto rigged a little bamboo fence to a garden post. It is pretty flimsy but it does the trick. Judah can sometimes sneak his big head through a gap and climb through the opening, but he stays on his side for the most part..
The other day he decided to sneak through and help himself to the ‘Whatever You Can Find Buffet’. Which lead him inside the chicken coop, up into their hen house and off he went eating all of their food, a couple of egg’s and anything else he could find. We were about to leave the house and called for him, we expected him to come running from the side of the house, but instead he came lolly gagging out of the hen house, into their coop and out into the yard. Meanwhile the three hens were kicking it on chair perched up on one of the arm rails.

I wish that I had my camera, I never thought that he would make his way into the hen house, I had seen him in the coop, but never in the house. That dog Blows my Mind.

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