We’ve Got Eggs

We are proud to announce that our Rhode Island Red, Rose, has become a Hen. Yesterday morning, right after we got our dog back, we noticed that Rose was acting a little more peculiar than what is normal for her. The other two chicks were free ranging around the yard, while she scratched and yelped from inside the coop house. I went to check on her, and low and behold there before me sat our first brown egg. We were so excited, as we have been waiting nearly 6 months for this day to come. We don’t know if she laid the egg the day before, with all the commotion of the missing dog, we didn’t even check, but about 30 minutes later Rose started acting up again and bam, out came egg number two. Both the eggs are pretty small, which is to be expected with the first eggs, the good thing is that the shells are nice and hard. Most farmers will tell you that the Hen’s first eggs could have very soft shells that could break easy. We have been feeding them crushed oyster shells fora about a month, with their normal grit in hopes to harden up their shells. So far it has worked well.

We decided to fry our eggs, and eat them with vegetables from the garden.

The Green pepper, the tomato, Green onion, and Serrano pepper came from the gardens. The toast & the banana came from the market.

The other two chicks will most likely start getting motivated to lay eggs of their own. These yard birds have been interesting pets and good garden helpers, but now that they are laying eggs they are definitely earning their keep.

One thought on “We’ve Got Eggs

  1. YAY Eggs! We still get a kick out of collecting eggs from the Leghorn even though our black Sumatra still hasn’t laid (not sure what’s up with that). At first it’s a little weird eating them because you know EXACTLY where it came from, but then you realize that all the eggs you ever ate came from that anatomy only they weren’t treated as well probably. It’s cool taking back our food system from big agribusiness. Thanks for the update!

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