Way To Close For Comfort!

Well we almost lost a chicken yesterday late afternoon at dusk. We had our friend Josh over and him and I were both reading books in our living room while Lyndsey toyed around with some chores in the back room. All of the sudden we all heard the loudest screech and cry we have heard yet coming form one of our hens. I immediately ran out side and called for Judah to see what was happening. One chicken came flying into our patio area and took cover by my tools. One chicken was no where to be found, while the last chicken was screaming for dear life underneath some bushes by our first garden plot. With my adrenaline rushing I started reaching into the bush trying to scare whatever it was from eating my chicken. I thought that either a cat or possum had one my girls under the bush with him and was doing lord know what to his prey. So when a large bird came running out from under the bush with a flat head, my first thought was “Oh Know, the Chicken Lost Its Head.” That was until the headless chicken opened up its wings which spanned about 4 ft and took off for the tree. It was no headless chicken, but instead my poor girls nemesis, the Falcon.

The Falcon immediately flew away, then shot back down twenty seconds later to see if there was another chance to claim his meal. At this time we scared him off, and hoped that our poor chicken was alright. It turned out it was Dorothy, the one that is molting. She was shaken up, but alright. Perhaps the Falcon went after her because she looks so weak right now with most of her feathers missing. Or maybe she was just the easiest one to find. It took us another five minutes to find the missing chicken Rose, who turned out being hidden under a rock by our fence.

We were all a little shaken up , and now concerned. It turns out that we need to try to safe proof our yard from predators of the flying kind. We have a few ideas but our open to any suggestions as well.

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  1. I have to make an update on this post. I learned recently that Falcons are not "bush" hunters, but their is a hawk in the area that is. In other words it was most likely a "Hawk" not a falcon that went after ol' Dorothy.

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