Waiting Time in Heredia = Free Blessings


We left the beach at the beginning of June so that we could be a closer to the hospital for the arrival of our new little one. Lyndsey found a great little house on AIRBNB with an enclosed yard in San Joaquin de Flores, Heredia.

Heredia is a city right out side of San Jose. It is also one of the provinces in Costa Rica. The house we rented is about 20 minutes from the hospital in Escazu, and 10 minutes from the main INTL Airport in Alajuela. The location of the house is great on account of being close to everything. Lyndsey has enjoyed taking the kids to different stores and parks to play and browse around.


Our first Sunday at the rental house we were surprised to wake up to the entire neighborhood decorating their yards and fences for some sort of parade. Around 9AM we found out what the festivities were all about when the local Priest came down the street blessing anyone that kneeled down to receive one.

The religious procession consisted of a walking clergy and a truck decorated with Catholic paraphernalia playing loud worship music that could be heard a mile a way. It turns out that if you put flower peddles in your driveway, the priest would walk up and bless anyone in the house that was unable to walk down to receive a blessing on the street.

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