Wacky Weather

Lyndsey Eli & Judah
Hanging out in the yard after the storm

This week the weather has been a little bit wacky to say the least. Along with our first solid NW swells of the season, which were awesome I might add, we got some odd weather patterns for San Diego standards. On Tuesday we had the hottest day of the summer, and all day yesterday we had thunderstorms, which is crazy because we do not really get thunderstorms in this region of the country. I was surfing Blacks yesterday morning with my buddy and though to myself as the rain came down and the lightning flashed across the sky, if I wasn’t wearing a full suit I would think that I was in the tropics somewhere. Needless to say everything cleaned up real nice, and we spent a nice late afternoon in the yard watching Eli play in the mud. FUn FUn.

Our friend Shawn posted this picture of a rainbow at his house around sunset

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