Under Water Nativity Scene

Christmas time in San Diego. We are going to stay home this year for Christmas and spend it on the boat. We would love to visit family, but we figured this year traveling during the holidays may not be the most economical. So Lyndsey wasted no time decorating the house with all kinds of Christmas decor. Trees, lights, stockings, lights, garnish, lights, quilts, cups, towels, music on the stereo you name it. Yes, trees is plural. We have a real tree for inside the house, and a fake tree for the chickens outside. So it should not be a surprise to note that even the fish got a nativity scene to spread a little holiday cheer into their environment. This actually set up an interesting scenario for us when we were watching the fish the other night. One of the fish, Ginger, the big white one, was turned away from the scene and her fan fins opened up resembling something that looked like wings. Around the same time the Christmas carol, “Angels we have heard on high, something..something… ” was playing on the stereo. I mentioned it to Lyndsey and now we both got a kick out of watching the fish swim around the Nativity scene.

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