Trying out the New Tent

We decided to the take the new tent out for its first test run the other weekend and had a great time. Now before I can let you know if the tent passed the test I should tell you that I have not purchased a tent before. When I was younger I used my dad’s that he got from my mom’s dad. It was some WWII canvas version of a tent that had an odd moldy smell every time we used it.

When we got older he purchased a 4 person dome tent that I took over on when I moved out. I think I eventually sold it or traded it for something else in Costa Rica on one of my first surf trips in my twenties. Needless to say I am not that experienced when it comes to tents as say a Patagonia wearing fella with a manbun and a dog might be, but I know what I like.

The family got a new tent for Christmas, one of those gifts that you get for the family to share, like a washing machine or blender. The kids will write it off as a lame gift, because they can’t put it with their stuff and call it their own. We know this because we were all in their shoes not too long ago. Unless it is a new game console or video game, the family gift is as useless as garden supplies to the young mind.

Sometimes that is not the object of a family gift. I remember when I got the family a boat, even though the family at that time consisted of just Lyndsey and I. It was a great idea and all until we found out Lyndsey would get green on a dock. What it did do is get us out of the house and on the water, at least it did me. Just like the tent got the family out of the house and out for a camping expedition at the local falls. If that is all a new family gift can accomplish, it accomplishes enough.

At this age the kids are rather useless at camping until there is a fire going. Preparing a camp site upon arrival is one of the last things that they want to be apart of. So you need a tent that you can get up fast. Thanks to technology and competition Lyndsey found us an economical family tent that was so fast pitch that it had it in the branding.

I would say that it was pretty fast, I mean it was faster than my grandpa’s WWII tent that I remember having over 900 pieces. What I do know is Lyndsey and I got it up in around 15 minutes, our first time taking it out of the bag. We were impressed even though the kids acted like it took half the day. What do they know.

The next thing is the size. Is there enough room for me to put in a queen size blow up mattress with adequate space for the kids and out stuff. The tent passed the size test, even thought I froze sleeping on an air mattress, novice cold camper mistake number one.

The next test is the rain test, which we didn’t really get to test enough to know for certain. It did rain, even a little downpour that lasted more than ten minutes, and the test was solid. So I would have to say, so far so good on the rain test.

Overall we all agreed that the new tent passed the test and we had a fun night out camping. Now we need to start putting together our camping collection of necessities like old pots, cutlery, spices etc. so we have it all ready for the next trip.

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