Travel Day

Marias Rincon

We left San Diego on a Jet Blue flight at 9pm Monday night and landed in Aguadilla Airport in Puerto Rico around 11am Tuesday morning. It was a long flight with a hour lay over at JFK in New York. Eli did really really good considering how long we were on the plane. We didn’t really get any sleep, but Eli managed to catch some zzz’s on the flight, which made it nice.

Travel Day

I pretty much put off packing for the trip until the last minute which meant Monday afternoon I was scrambling all around trying to find all of my surfing equipment and boards. It was nice when we finally got everything packed up and ready to go. A cab picked us from the front of our house around 7:30 pm on Monday night and off we were on our adventure to the Isla de Encanta. I took the above picture after the plane landed for our layover in New York. You can tell by the grom’s face that we were pretty tired.  At the time is was pretty rough, but it sure seamed worth it when we were sitting on a warm Caribbean beach the next day.


The place where we are staying is beautiful with fruit trees all over the place. Our friends Stefan and Summer have really done a great job on their house considering the condition it was in four years ago when they purchased it. They have planted Mango trees, Papaya trees (pictured above), Avocado trees and Star fruit trees just to name a few.


So far Lyndsey and Eli are having a great time and adjusting well to the 4 hour time change. Well gotta run, heading down to the beach for a little surf and R&R.

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