Travel Day to Chepe = Airplane, Boat & Busses

Costa Rica

The other day I had to run to Chepe (San Jose) to take care of some business at the U.S. Embassy. Normally I would just drive, but I noticed that I could fly with Nature Air for less than it would cost to drive. I didn’t want to leave Lyndsey and the kiddo’s at home without the car so flying seamed like a pretty good option. The only setback was that they are only running flights in the morning this time of year since it is the slow season, so I could get to Chepe in one day, but would have to stay the night if I wanted a flight back.

Costa Rica

So I decided to have a fun filled travel day complete with planes, buses and boats. My flight left at just before 10am and took about an hour to get to San Jose. Normally it is only a 30 minute flight to San Jose, but the particular flight I caught flew to Playa Nosara before the final destination in Pavas, San Jose. I guess normally I would have been bummed about the extra time but it was actually a pretty cool flight from Santa Teresa to Playa Nosara because the entire flight was on the coastline. (check gallery below)

San Jose

I grabbed a five minute cab from the airport in Pavas directly to the consulate. After I was finished at the consulate I grabbed another cab to the the bus terminal en Barrio Mexico. I had a couple of hours to kill before the bus left so I swung by the Plaza de Cultura for lunch, plus picked up some gifts for the kids at the central mercado.

Costa Rica

The direct bus from San Jose to Santa Teresa leaves at 6am and 2pm every day from the la Parada de San Carlos en Barrio Mexico . I caught the 2 pm bus which meets up with the 5 pm ferry to Paquerra from Puntarenas. After a total 6 hour commute back to Santa Teresa I made it home by 8:30 that night.

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