The Case of the Missing Eggs?

I noticed the past few days that are chickens didn’t have but one egg in their nesting boxes. I though that perhaps they were just taking a break, but after three days I started to get a little suspicious. When they first started laying eggs about 6 months ago, they would randomly lay eggs around the yard. However, since then they have been laying all of their eggs in their nests, at least for the most part. I thought that this may be what they were doing so I started to look around our yard for some eggs…..and low and behold look what I stumbled upon.

There was a total of seven of them. Now the problem is this is not a very easy place to fetch the eggs, or get even get a decent picture. I had read that once a nest gets over 8 eggs in it the hen will automatically go into a nesting cycle and start sitting on the eggs full time in anticipation for chicks. Since we do not have any roosters to fertilize the eggs, these poor girls would be sitting for a long time to no prevail. Perhaps all this nesting going on inside of the house is naturally making its way to the ladies in the yard. Regardless of what is causing it, I did solve the case of the missing eggs.

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