the Beach House

paquera ferry

Well we finally made it down to the beach house in Santa Teresa, where we will be hanging for the next five months. In the mean time we will check out the community and see if this is where we want to hang our hat for while.

The view from the beach house is awesome, we feel very blessed. Lyndsey found a nice family that is going to the states for a few months that wanted to rent out there home while they were gone. It seams like a perfect match because they have three boys that are around the same ages as Eli and Izzy, so the home is loaded with kids stuff.

outside pool

We have about a 45 second walk to the beach entrance from the bottom the yard, and another minute walk to the beach on a trail through the trees slash jungle.

beach day

The waves out front have been pretty good since we got here. One of my waves even made the cut for a local surf report video. haha (time laps: 1:26-1:32) all 8 seconds of it. Courtesy of

We will go back to the city in a couple weeks to visit the pediatrician and finish up ur residency paper work. Then we will be at the beach full time. We are all doing good and having a great time!

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  1. Lyndsey, you’re looking great! Love the picture of Ricky and Izzy in the pool. The family pet snake?

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