Morning Sessions in STCR

Well I finally did it. Part of the deal, or at least as I understood it, to borrowing my brother-in-laws GoPro was to to get some footage surfing. I finally got it together and took it out with me to see how it would work. I was a little nervous taking it out, so I picked a pretty small mellow day, just in case I had problems holding onto it. You see I am trying to get images that give the viewer of what it is like to ride down the face of a wave. I wasn’t going to stick it on my board and have it shoot video of my mug like all the kooks do who are learning to surf. I have yet to see a selfie image of someone on a wave that was worth looking at.

I had a couple of things to work out in my head, like where I would put the camera when I was paddling. I found that I could slide it through my key holder on my board shorts and it would sit at my side like a gun in a holster. I did this for my initial paddle out, but for most of the session I either put it in my teeth, or let it sit on the nose of my board.

The first couple attempts at pulling into a wave with the camera in my teeth didn’t work. So I put in the side holster and caught a wave to break the seal. After I worked out a few cobwebs I started catching waves with the camera on. I would start with it in my teeth than after I hopped up I would either hold it in my hand, or keep it in my teeth as I made way down the line on the soft faces. I even had a buddy grab a couple clips of me dropping in on some waves as well.

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