Summer Break In Playa Hermosa

Funin the Sun

Eli is out of school on summer break for the next three weeks so Lyndsey has been coming up with fun activities for him to do on his break. We have a had a rather busy few weeks so things have been a little hectic. Our car has been in the shop because we blew a head gasket about a week ago. This was after replacing the battery and getting the front drivers side tire fixed because it had a leak. These are all to be expected living in the jungle. Things just get eaten up faster than you can replace them sometimes.

Costa Rica Fathers Day

We also moved again about 12 kilometers up the beach from Mal Pais to Playa Hermosa. Our lease was up at the old house so the timing was right to find something new. We have wanted to get up to Playa Hermosa for a while because we have friends with families up that way so when the opportunity was presented to take over a place for four months we jumped on it. This means that we are still searching for a permanent residence, however we are hoping that being in Playa Hermosa will give us a better opportunity to find something when it becomes available.

Santa Teresa

To get around town now we take the moto and a quad that friend lent us while our car is at the mechanic. It has actually been a lot of fun. Eli usually rides with me on the moto, and Isabel and Lyndsey ride together on the quad. It definitely saves on gas, considering that gas is around $6 a gallon. It is also a lot of fun to cruise around on the moto and quad, except when it rains. We all have rain gear now, this we picked up after getting caught in a couple of downpours coming back from running errands.

Sunday Ride

Temp Ride

The new beach that we live at, Playa Hermosa, is a beautiful beach, hence the name Playa Hermosa. It is quite a bit different than Mal Pais, which was also a beautiful beach in its own way. Mal Pais had a lot of rocks and reefs that made it difficult to go for a swim. Playa Hermosa is a big sandy beach  with rocks on both ends, but plenty of room or the kids and dogs to frolic in the water.

Eli and Fam

La Lora Surf Spot

Sunday Walk

On fathers day last month we went for a walk up the mountain in Mal Pais that borders Caba Blanco National Park. It was an amazing walk with breathtaking views. The walk is pretty much up hill all of the way, then down hill on the way back. It was little much for Eli, but was well worth it to see the community that we live in from a different perspective.

Relaxing Costa Rica

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