Stein Family Farm

Eli and I have been attending a Baby Sign LanguageClass for the past 5 weeks at the Harold J. Ballard Parent Center in Old Town. We go once or twice a week and the class is around 3 hours long. Typically we sing songs, do a little dancing, play with toys, story time, share our brags/gripes, snack time, etc… Not only are the classes fun, but we have made many new friends as well. Eli’s classmates are all around his age or a little older so it’s nice to talk with other Moms about things like feeding and teething that they have already gone through.

This week we went on a field trip to The Stein Family Farm in National City. On the tour we learned about the History of the Farm and got to tour the home, barn, and gardens. On the farm they have a goose, a pig named Petunia, some bunnies, and a bunch of chickens. Of course Eli wasn’t to impressed with the chickens because he has his own at home. We also got to pick fresh oranges and make fresh O.J. for snack time! We had a great time and Eli was thoroughly worn out on the drive home.

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