Spring Time in the Southern States

Spring TIme

We left Costa Rica a little over a month ago to do a two month trip back to the United States to visit some family and friends. The last two months of the dry season can be pretty brutal in the jungle so we tried to time our trip to return home just as the rain season starts kicking in. The heat and the months without rain can turn what is normally a tropical environment into a hot dust bowl. Last year we were counting the days until the first rains came, this year we decided to take a little break. The timing could not have been better, and it has been amazing for us to watch our kids interact with their grandparents and cousins.

Oklahoma Family

Eli, Isabel. Jade, Hailey
Oklahoma Cousins

Plant Nursery
Oklahoma Beach

Mix Master Isabel

Kisses From Grammy


Lyndsey has been keeping the kids busy taking them to parks, museums, libraries, grocery stores etc. We are trying to expose them to a type of culture that is foreign to us where we currently live. The kids are little overwhelmed with all of the stuff that is everywhere. Even Lyndsey has been taken back a bit by all of the choices at the grocery stores. In the jungle, you pretty much get what is available. If they don’t offer it, you don’t get it. In the states, consumerism is everywhere, there is more stuff than any person needs, with choices that could make you go crazy if you don’t control yourself.

We think that it is good for our kids to experience it on a short leash, although we can already see that left to their own accord they would much rather have than have not. It took Lyndsey and I a long time to understand that happiness has little to do with possessions, as a matter of fact the more possessions that you have, the more you are a slave to them. We do not expect our kids to understand this, especially in a culture that measures wealth not by spiritual and physical health, but by how much junk one can possess.

There is a bond between family that is hard to describe, it is something that you have to experience. For Lyndsey and I we love our freedom of exploration with the ability to get up and go anywhere we want. One of the major downfalls to this type of life however is missing out on the ones that mean the most to us. Now that we have children we are beginning to understand that is important for them to experience time with their relatives, especially because we were both blessed to come from such close knit families. Both of our parents have been together since they first said,” I do” over forty years ago. We do not have any drama, or issues between family members like other families do. We just have those who love us and tend to except us for who we are. Sure they would love to spend more time with their grandchildren, and for this reason we decided to stay close to them on this trip.

Bubble Master
Bubble Master

Out to Eat
Out to eat with Grandpa

Stu's house
Friends House In Dallas

Childresn Museum
Dallas Museum of Arts

Isabel Love the Swings

Waiting for the Train

Train Trip

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