Spring Break 2018 Ranch Trip

We got to spend the first part of our spring break with our family at a ranch outside of La Grange, Texas. At the ranch we were able to go fishing on a lake, or a tank as they call it in Texas, that was right next to the cabin we stayed at. We also got to cruise around a section of the ranch on different quads and ATV’s that my dad keeps down there. The ranch is just under 10k acres, so needless to say there is a lot of ground to cover there.

My dad’s friend owns the ranch with different members of his family. Apparently it has been passed down for a few generations as a trust to different members in the family. Part of the 10k acres is leased out to different hunters during the season, the other sections are leased to Oil and Gas companies that are pulling both out of the ground.

My dad has been going there for the past 10 years, using it as little escape for hunting and fishing. My older brother and him go down quite a bit to hunt white tail deer, turkey and wild pigs. I actually joined up with them on one of their expeditions a few years back and got my first White tail Deer with them.

It is a lot of fun for our family, or just about anyone that goes their with my dad because he has all the cool toys and gadgets that make the ranch a great experience. From quads, to ATV’s to all the accoutrements you need to hunt and fish, it is a pretty much a one stop shop to get the full Texas ranch experience.

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