South Texas Wedding


We hit up our first wedding in South Texas last weekend and it was quite the experience. My step sister, who just graduated from college, got married to a fella from Budah, Texas. Budah, is not that far from Austin, so they decided to have the wedding in the Hill Country at the Branded T Ranch in Kendal County, about an hour in a half from where we live.

They asked if Lyndsey would for the flowers for the event, so the week before our house was filled with flowers as she prepared over 100 different arrangements. Actually I don’t know if it was more than 100 or less, it was just nice to have the house smell like a florist for a few days. Either way we had to get to the event early to set up the flowers and so I got to spend some time checking out the facility.

The place that we were the wedding was at was a definitive, Texas Ranch. Not only was it big, but it is also home to more than 20 African exotic species. The ranch is fascinated with, and committed to the protection of the species that roam the ranch. This is rather common among the Texas elite to collect exotic animals for their big ranches. I have read that there are more Tigers living in captivity in Texas than there are are in the wild. I don’t know if this is true or not, but when you visit a place like the Branded T Ranch, you can’t help but wonder if it is.

One thing that made the wedding very interesting, was that there was a taste of authenticity and dare I even say something a bit cultural about it. Not like other weddings that I had been to in Dallas, California or even gringo weddings in Costa Rica. They are all kind of the same, following the same tradition or lack there of.

This wedding was more like visiting a Jewish wedding ceremony, or a Latin one. There was the same ceremonial stuff, but then they had their own traditional twist. Sure it may of consisted of bad country music, whiskey and two stepping, but it was something that made it Texan, something that made it genuinely unique.

Now I am not saying that I am a fan of Texas weddings, any more than I am a fan of breaking a glass and dancing around a chair. I do however admire the way a culture can define a heritage that is passed on in events that bring friends, family and strangers together to celebrate in their own special way.

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