South Swells at the Local Reefs & Beaches

swell chart

We have been getting some pretty solid south swells creeping their way up past Chile but inside the Galapagos with waves up to 3 meters at 185-190 degrees.

behind the section

Needless to say there have been some solid surf over the past few weeks at the local reefs and beaches. The other day a local photographer was out and got some really cool photos at the reef.

Dropping In

This picture is what it is like when you are taking off on the wave right as you start to go to your feet and drop in. You can see it start to set up on the reef as it gets ready to picth over.

Red Tide

There has been a red tide off an on for the past couple of months, this picture catches some of the different colors in the water.

Scratching Around

Photos Courtesy of Toxic Juice Productions

This past week at the beach break

beach break

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