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I have this secret hobby that only a handful of my friends know about. You see I like to write, I have always liked to write and if you have ever been at the receiving end of one of my letters you might have said to yourself….. “This dude likes to write. Might be nonsense, but he sure puts down allot of words to get his point across.” The irony is that I am a very bad speller and almost just as bad at using correct grammar. However this has never stopped me from filling a countless number of notebooks and drawing pads over the years with letters, thoughts, prose and poetry. Writers are imprisoned by rules and regulations, for this reason I do admire the liberty an artist will get when they finish a painting, a drawing or a sculpture. No one looks at it and says, “well it looks good, but he didn’t follow the rules, see the colors are mixed wrong and his brush strokes are fragments that he should consider revising.” They look at it and admire the creative spirit that turned that canvas from a blank piece of material to a work of art. However when it comes to turning a blank piece of paper to a short story or poem, you have to limit your creative ability and FOLLOW THE RULES. The creative part of coloring a picture when you are young starts when you begin to color outside of the lines. However creative writing starts with three years of writing classes just filling your brain with rules and regulations. I should have been a painter or a sculpture, instead I likes to write. (I thought likes sounded better than liked, because I still likes it, oops that is not a word, foul….D-)
If you have been following me on this blog you might say to yourself, “Well it is no secret that you enjoy writing, and it also no secret that you are a bad speller…so what is your point?” Just sit back, because I am getting to that. About, lets say….15 years ago some friends showed me a couple of chords on a guitar. I enjoyed learning the chords, even though I had no idea how to connect them and make them turn into what might sound like a song. So I stuck to it and in no time, instead of writing poems I began writing songs. They were simple and easy to learn, just enough to keep me going. I have never taken a class, or learned about the RULES when playing guitar…so just like writing I am like a bandit who makes my own rules and sets my own limitations. So needless to say I keep my secret hobby under wraps. That is unless you happen to catch me doing a few live shows south of the border in my twenties or late night when I have no fear or hang-ups. Often newer friends and acquaintances notice my guitar and think that it is just on display…like a painting. They have no idea that I have spent hours of my life writing down new songs ans melodies just for me and my wife to enjoy or dislike.
Recently I have a new fan, that looks like a pint size burrito with a red face most of the time, regardless he just sits there and listens, no rules no regulations. He doesn’t care that his dad is playing a guitar that he picked up for twenty dollars at a flea market that barely stays in tune, he doesn’t realize that his dad has no voice training, guitar training or even a good enough grasp of the English language to write properly. He just sits back and enjoys it for what it is… someone being creative and making something new for him. I can’t even see it that way. I have sat and watched too many singer song writers poor their heart out on stage and the only thought that comes to my head is …”Wow, someone at sometime lied to that person and told them they were good.” Fearing being that performer, I became a victim myself and completely overlooked the fact that someone had to deal with the same convictions I deal with, the only difference is that they got over it. Weather or not I follow the rules or weather or not it is good or bad doesn’t matter to my boy…wow no boundaries…yet.
A friend lent us his video camera a couple of months ago so I decided to sit down and record a new song that I had written called , Your Name. Lyndsey asked that I share it, but as I have for so many years, I decided to keep it under wraps…until today.
I guess part of being a father is not caring so much what others think of you… when it is your immediate loved ones that matter.

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