so it turns out that I a am nerd afterall

costa rica birds

I kind of assumed it from time to time but wasn’t 100% sure. I am sure that to the true nerds I don’t qualify, but around my cool family, I am a nerd. So I like to take pictures of birds. There I admitted it. I also like gardening and growing fish and now I take pictures of birds that sit in the tree tops outside my office.

costa rican bird

It may have something to do with the silver hair growing in my beard, I am not really sure. At the zoo I walked right past the birds only noticing them if they happen to get my attention as we hurried past their cage to an exhibit with a monkey or big cat. Occasionally I would stop and notice them in the Birds and Blooms magazine my mother law subscribed us to, but even then I would normally skim right past them looking for a vegetable or flower photo.


Now I put on my version of a zoom lens and try to take pictures of them when they perch around the house as Lyndsey quietly laughs and reminds me how much of a nerd I am. Then later on I look at the pictures and start laughing because I’m almost certain that it confirms what she said and I am nerd after all.

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