Semana Santa at the Beach

Mal Pais Costa Rica

This year we spent Semana Santa and Easter Weekend at the beach. Last year we were still in the city waiting for Isabel to be born so we got to experience how one half of the country celebrated Holy Week with the different Catholic processions and parades. This year we were at the beach so we got to see how the other half celebrates Semana Santa. I have to admit things were a little bit more laid back at the beach than they were in the city, at least in our neck of the woods.

Las Chica

Eli got the week off of school, I guess that you could call it spring break, so Lyndsey had a a bunch of different activities planned for him throughout the week. The beaches and hotels started to get pretty crowded after Wednesday and I would say that the town was at almost full occupancy, or close to it the last few days of the week.

Lyndsey And Isabel

Where we live in Mal Pais things were pretty laid back and it was not too crowded, however up in Santa Teresa things were a little different. Each time we went to the grocery store or to run some errands in Santa Teresa things were a little backed up to say the least.


After having a nice Easter Breakfast and Easter egg hunt on Easter morning we decided to spend the bulk of the day down at the beach. It was nice to bring to dogs and family down to the water so that we could enjoy the day together. We really missed our friends and family a lot, we may have even got a little home sick, but we were thankful that we had each other to enjoy the holiday with in such a beautiful place.

Mamma y Nina


Beach Walk

Cruiser Costa Rica

American Bulldog in Costa Rica

Dog on Beach

Mal Pais

Fishing Village

Pretty Girls

Being a Mom

Mal Pais

Costa Rica

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