Season Changes, Farmers Markets & Field Trips

We have been pretty active this fall as soon as the weather started to cool down. Lyndsey and I both have been taking turns going on the different school field trips with the kids as well as trying to get out as much as we can on the weekends.

It is a bit different living in Austin through a hot summer. It’s not that you don’t go out and do things, it is just you have to be very picky on what you are going to, and what time of the day you are going to do it. The summer heat is so extreme that if you plan on going for a run during mid-day you might melt mid-step. That is why I had to do all of my running before the sun came up, and my mid-day activities on the water.  Now there isn’t really water, like there is in other places I.E., next to the ocean. But there are a few lakes, and in my case a couple of days a week I would get on a SUP board and try to get some exercise to stay sane.

Now that the weather is more moderate we are able to get out and do things. I suppose it is akin to a New Yorker getting outside after a long winter or a bear waking up from a long winter nap, suddenly getting out is more bearable, so we try to get out and enjoy it as much as we can.

With field trips to the local pumpkin patches, natural gardens, and weekend trip to the farmers markets and festivals we have really been taking in what Austin has to offer for Fall activities. So much so that I felt it was worth saving the photos and memories to enjoy in the future.

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