Saturday Morning Chores

Hanging Garden
The Aquaponic Hanging Garden is Filling in Great

With all of the gardens and animals that our family has accumulated over the past few years we have a list of chores that we all do together on Saturday mornings to keep up our little place. The plants need to be watered, the gardens need to be sprayed down to keep the insects and mold away, the fish tanks’ water needs to be tested, the rabbit compost bin needs to be mixed, the chicks need new shavings, the hen house needs to be cleaned… the list goes on.

Cucumbers in the Hanging Garden

Since Eli is nearly two, and very interested in everything that his mommy and daddy are doing, we felt that it was a perfect time to introduce him to his second chore. His first chore we gave him around three months ago, it is to feed the dog after our dinner. So far this has gone pretty well so we felt it was time for a second chore in hopes that it might keep him interested in the concept of a family unit that works together, not one that revolves solely around the wishes of the toddler.

Dexter the Bunny
Dexter the Bunny

Recently our hens have decided to start laying their eggs in a little nest that they created in the new extension that we added to their coop. This means that the easy access that I created three years ago to their nesting boxes in the other yard no longer gives us easy access to their eggs. I think that it is safe to say that coming up with Eli’s second chore came rather organically since he is the only person that can fetch their eggs with ease. Let me make a note here ~ this is the reason why access into your chicken coop should be large enough to get into with ease, even if you think it is just to access food and water. I will definitely be adding a larger door down the road.

Check out the following video of Eli doing his new chore fetching the eggs:

The new chicks are coming along just fine. It amazes me how fast that they grow in their first weeks/months. You can see their feathers starting to really come in on their wings and tails.

New Chicks One Week Old

All of the vegetables are taking off in our different gardens, we have already harvested a bunch of squash, cucumbers, greens, cilantro and zucchini with tomatoes on the way. Soon and very soon we will be knee deep in salsa!

Heirloom Tomatoes in The Water Garden

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