San Diego Zoo Videos

We hit up the San Diego Zoo again for another morning stroll yesterday morning. We try to get there right as the zoo opens at 9 am and hang out for a couple of hours, leaving right before it starts to get crowded around noon. It is funny because each time we go we see something different, or something that we didn’t catch the times before. On this trip we got to see one of ┬áthe hippos cruising around gracefully in the water, ┬áthis was unique because on our other trips they are just sitting in the same spot not doing a whole lot. We also got to watch a swamp monkey playing around with two otters. See for yourself….

Monkey vs. Otter

River Horse

Music in Monkey vs. Otter : Oh Katrina! by The Black Lips on Good, Bad Not Evil
Music in River Horse : Missed the Boat by Modest Mouse on We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank

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