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The List

In the second installation of the Renegade Sailor Podcast, or otherwise known as my attempt at pod casting. In this podcast I tell the story of a list put together by 4 teenage boys in the early 90’s called the Ultimate Knowledge of Four Teenage Boys. I also talk about composting  101, what composting is, how to start composting and what to look out for.  Then I finish up with a little lesson on the Petro Dollar.

I don’t believe that the quality could get much worse, I am still learning how to use the voice memo on my Iphone 4G. I only hope that as time passes, if I continue to do these recordings i will learn how to improve the quality,or at least not talk into in the wind. What makes these possible is I can pick up the Iphone anywhere I am and start ranting away, it doesn’t matter If I am in my car, on the beach with the kids, holding the baby or laying back in the hammock. Collecting my thoughts is what is about right now.

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I always had really interesting friends growing up. One group who I am still very much in touch with today, that is to say who I keep up with, was a group in Huntington Beach. I would work all school year during high-school in Texas to save up money so that I could spend the summer in Huntington Beach. I really loved surfing and the thought of spending an entire summer in Texas without waves was pretty much out of the question as soon as my father hinted that I could spend extra time in California if I wanted. I eventually moved back when I was 17 and finished up High School in Costa Mesa.

I use to spend a lot of the summers with my my friends Squash, Grunge, KC  and Wilbur in Squashes bedroom while he was doing homework or working on his 57 Chevy.   After a conversation about some bathroom book one of us read at some girls house that was a letter written from a dad to his kid before he takes off for college about knowledge passed down, we thought it would be worth comprising a list of our own.


Soil plays most important part in any form of gardening. If you are trying to grow your organic garden then you must use a soil which is rich in minerals and nutrients. Most of the soils are not rich in minerals and nutrients which are essential for healthy growth of the plants. For making your soil nutrients rich you can add compost, which is easy to do once you get started.


In 1973, President Nixon promised King Faisal of Saudi Arabia that the US would protect Saudi Arabian oilfields from any and all invaders. In return, Saudi Arabia and by extension OPEC, agreed to sell their oil in US dollars only. Essentially, this meant that all countries purchasing oil from OPEC had to do so in US dollars, or ‘petrodollars’. This forced the world’s oil money to flow through the US Federal Reserve, creating ever-growing international demand for U.S. dollars. If you have never heard of the petrodollar, don’t be surprised. Mainstream media avoids this subject for a good reason.

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Smells Like Teen Spirit ~ Nirvana ( Nevermind – 1991 Sub Pop)
I Want To Be A Cowboy ~ The Vandals (Peace Through Vandalism – 1982 Epitaph)
Hang On To Your Ego ~ Frank Black (Frank Black – 1993 4AD)
Five O Ford ~ The Reverend Horton Heat (Liquor In The Front, – 1994 Sub Pop/Interscope)
Flowers By The Door ~ TSOL (Change Today, – 1984 Enigma)
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The Wooden Song ~ Butthole Surfers (Independent Worm Saloon – 1993 Capitol Records)
Don’t Crash The Car Tonight ~ Mary’s Danish (There Goes Wondertruck – 1989 Elektra)
Bro Hymn ~ Pennywise (Pennywise – 1992 Thelogian/Epitaph)

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