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This is my first attempt at podcasting so I wouldn’t expect too much if I were you. Let me tell you what I am working with here. I am using an older Iphone 4g as my audio recorder and Audacity as my editor. The quality and editing are pretty bad, and the volume ranges from segment to segment. I also say repetitive filler words like umm, and,uhh, ahhh… I did mention that this is my first attempt so it is very raw.

Why podcast?

I was trying to write an article about the revolt and protest that we had at the beginning of the month here in the Nicoya Peninsula and I continued to get writers block after the third or fourth sentence. So I stepped away from the keyboard, sat down in the rocking chair and tried narrating my story into the my voice memo app. on my Iphone 4g, after about 10 minutes of ranting my story uninterrupted, I actually got my thoughts out with out any writers-blocks.

I tend to over-edit things, especially when it comes to designing and writing. I change words, grammar ans spelling so much that I seldom loose my original inspiration. With this in mind I limited my editing on this podcast to make it worth my time. I figured if I continue to do more podcasts my editing and speaking skills will only improve over time.

Renegade Sailor Podcast – Anarchy in Nicoya

In the first installation of the Renegade Sailor Podcast – Anarchy in Nicoya, I talk about the protest that took place here in the Southern Nicoya Peninsula over a controversial stretch of road. We also get to hear from my 5 year old son and a little bit about his favorite super hero. I also discus how I got into gardening, composting and aquaponics. I hope you enjoy.

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Mr. Brightside ~ The Killers
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We’re A Happy Family ~ Ramones
Requiem For a Dying Song ~ Flogging Molly
Fireman ~ Jawbreaker
April 29,1992 ~ Sublime

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