Rainy Season 2015 Morning Walks


The kids have been doing great since we got back to the beach. We are starting to get deeper into the rain season, which has turned out being our favorite time of the year. I guess, if we were to break it down, one of the reasons that we like living where we are at right now is on account of the jungle. We love the trees, the flowers and all of the natural wildlife that it attracts. During the dry season, and the five months with no rain, the jungle begins to wither and transform into a hot, dusty forest. That is not to say that it is not hot during the rain season, it is hot and humid, but It is also much more cloudy, which gives you breaks from the sun during the day. The rains often bring a welcome cool breeze with them and also keep the dust away.

The irony, that I have mentioned before, is that the busy time of the year in Costa Rica beach towns is during the dry season. So not only are the roads dusty, but they are packed with tourists and nationals on vacation. Most of the people that travel to Santa Teresa never get to see the jungle and beaches in their pure splendor. Then again, after waiting out an afternoon storm, most people could probably care less.


playa hermosa santa teresa

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