Pumpkin Patch Farm

We headed out to Lakeside this morning with our friends Nicki, Henry and Little Henry from up the street to check out a little farmers market/farm/Pumpkin Patchish… minus the Pumpkin patch. It turns out that they shipped the pumpkins in from somewhere else however there was a lot different farm animals and gardens that were growing corn. We got to see emus, goats, sheep, lamas, chickens, pigs, horses and more. It was nice little escape for a Saturday morning.

October Lakeside Pumpkin Patch

The drive out to Lakeside is only thirty minutes away heading east on the 8. Living by the beach I tend to forget how rural it gets just east of us. Not quite farm land, more like high dessert with some scattered horse and cattle ranches. It is a bit like East Texas but with hills everywhere.

I feel that sometimes when we do little outings like this we are just going through the motions of planting memories. The same way that moms never forget to take pictures at holiday gatherings or birthdays. For this same reason we take advantage of the digital era and take as many photographs as possible. This will be the year before Eli could walk, so we still had to carry him everywhere. This will be the year that little Henry got to run around and feed the lama. This will be the year that we passed on buying a $12 medium size pumpkin at the farm and picked up 8 medium size pumpkins at the local Fresh and Easy for 20 bucks. Little things that may seem mindless at times are the stuff that memories are made of.

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