On Top of the World

We visited our friends yesterday in Cielo, up in Rancho Santa Fe. It is about a 35 minute drive north towards Del Mar, then east towards the desert. Our friends brother built a house out that way so whenever our friends are in town they stay with him in his guest house. The view is pretty ridiculous form that high up. He has a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean with Mexico to the south and Oceanside to your north if it is a clear enough day. The house was designed to look like an old French Castle. It even has a waterfall and moat in the front yard. The house looks so authentic in fact that a little girl who visited with her mom, some time before, was disappointed and started crying when Shawn, our friend Summer’s brother came walking out in board shorts and flip flops, not an elegant purple robe and crown

He has an amazing infinity pool in the backyard that blends right into the Pacific Ocean. We all decided to take a dip yesterday afternoon to join Eli during his first swim. He seemed to enjoy it, although it is kind of hard to imagine how someone wouldn’t.

3 thoughts on “On Top of the World

  1. what a beautiful place!!!!
    lindsey…do you have a mac?…r all those pictures tricked out a little?
    heY! un beso

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