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Next week we will be leaving for our trip to Puerto Rico. We will be staying on the the North West side of the Island in a little town called Rincon. I grabbed the following information about Rincon from our friends website

Geographic Location of Rincon

Rincon Puerto Rico is located on the extreme North West side of Puerto Rico. As per the 2007 census, the population is around 17,000 people.

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Rincon is made up of eight neighborhoods (known as Districts or Wards):

* Atalaya
* Barrero
* Calvache
* Cruces
* Emsenada
* Jaguey
* Puntas
* Rio Grande
* Rincon Pueblo

Circa de Rincon (Around Rincon)

East and North East of Rincon is Aguadilla and the Number 2 (Rt. 2) highway. The next town East of Aguadilla heading towards San Juan is Isabella. Immediately South of Rincon is Mayaquez and Rt. 2 (the Number 2 Highway).

Airports | Close and Far from Rincon

* Luis Munoz International Airport (SJU | FAR from Rincon!)
* Rafael Hernandez Airport (BQN | Close to Rincon!)
* Mayaguez Airport (Closest to Rincon!)

Airport to Rincon Driving Times

The drive to Rincon is generally a two and half hour drive from the San Juan International Airport (Luis Munoz International Airport | SJU) and a thirty minute drive from the Aguada International Airport (Rafael Hernandez Airport | BQN). There is also a very small airport located in Mayaguez that is only about a 15 minute drive from Rincon Pueblo. For the most part, this airport caters to small puddle jumper flights from other cities in Puerto Rico as well as some of the surrounding Caribbean Islands. Cape Air is an airline with a fleet of 6 seater’s that fly around the Caribbean and the Nantucket area. One way flights from San Juan to Mayaguez usually rund around $70. Way cheaper than taking a Publico Taxi for up to two people…but be forewarned, No Surfboards allowed on these small planes!!!

4 thoughts on “next week Rincon

  1. You mean I was actually supposed to read this post? Ha, silly silly me.

    It’s Friday and you guys get here on Monday. We are so stoked. I have 70% of the hardwood floors down in your room and hope to finish them today.

    It’s going to be so rad to have Eli & Sydney hanging together again. I watched the giggle video of them again…they don’t know what they are in for!

  2. Stefan, We are so excited. I was watching the video with the kiddos the other day and Eli stopped what he was doing and just started laughing out loud with the video. super kewl!

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