New Member of the Family

2 months old

We got a new member of the family when we got back to Costa Rica. We were not actually in the market for a new dog, but some friends of ours had a unplanned litter of 10 American Bulldog Puppies so the timing seamed right.

little girls

Our first dog Judah is getting kind of old and is set in his ways as an old dog. This means that we can’t take him anywhere or he will run off and scrounge for some food. It is a little overwhelming going for a walk with two little kids and a crazy dog that is always trying to run away. We had discussed getting another dog when the time seamed right. One for extra security that we could take to the beach or on hikes with us.

We started thinking about maybe getting a rescue that was a puppy that we could train, but when we heard about our friends litter of American Bulldogs we asked them if any of them needed to be rescued. We weren’t real serious about it, knowing that we still had time, but when they agreed to let us have one we decided the time was right.

We decided to get a girl dog, mainly because they are not as aggressive as the males towards other dogs and are known to be loyal members of their pack or family. The American Bulldog is breed of tough dogs that are good for security as well as being good to their family’s.

american bulldog

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