New Car = Road Trip

costa rica truck

We picked up a new car the other night for the family. It is a 1988 Nissan Pathfinder XLT 4×4. We have been looking for a car since we got here nearly a month ago. Everything in our price range was pretty beat-up except for a few different trucks that we looked at. We were up in the air between a 1990 Jeep grand Cherokee or 1988 Nissan pathfinder. After taking a couple different ones on a test drive with a mechanic, we opted for the Nissan. It seemed to have much more power, and this particular one got the OK by two different mechanics, so if it was good enough for them, it was good enough for us.

1988 Nissan Pathfinder

Our friends, Jason and Kathia Darrow, have been a huge help getting us settled in. One of Kathia’s brothers is a mechanic and so is one of her nephews. Both of them helped me find a car that ran good, and my friend Jason helped with the negotiating. We would still be looking if it was not for their help. Especially with my broken Spanish. Once you find a good car, and then settle on a price in Costa Rica, you need to get a lawyer to do the transfer. This means that you need to go over everything on the car and makes sure that there are not any pending fines on the vehicle. This also means that even if you speak a little Spanish, you also need to know how to read it. Having a translator was key, or I could of missed a lot of important things during the transaction. Needless to say I showed up at the house around 9pm Wednesday night with our new car, and by 9am Thursday morning were on a road-trip to the beach.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

The first night we went to Manuel Antonio, this is a little down around two hours away for where we live. Lyndsey and I got married on this beach almost ten years ago this fall. Things have changed quite a bit in the past decade. The beach town has really grown and kind of gave us the impression of a tourist trap with all the hustlers and tour related business popping up every where. We stayed at the same hotel that we stayed at when we got married. The name of the hotel was Villabosque and it is located close to the beach and the National Park. The room was a bit smaller than we remembered it, however our family is defiantly a little bit bigger. Ten years ago the staff was very accommodating and the rooms were adequately priced. Today the rooms were dramatically overpriced for what they had to offer, and the staff was sub-par. Needless to say we were rather disappointed with the Hotel Villabosque and would not recommend that anyone stay there unless they have no other options.

Family on the beach

The next day we took of for a little surf town named Dominical. I was always fond of this town as I have always scored good surf in this area. I even surfed a contest in Dominical over 13 years ago. It was nice to see that although this town has grown, it seamed to have the same vibe that it did when I was younger. It wasn’t to over exposed with tour companies and over-priced rooms. Instead the locals seemed to have the same laid-back attitude that makes some beach towns in Costa Rica that much better than others. We stayed at a quaint little hotel called Rio Lindo Resort, the owner Brian and Kathy were very nice and accommodating to our little clan. The hotel was nestled write up to a river and about 300 meters from the beach break. We spent the afternoon at the pool and beach then watched the sunset on another beach about 2 kilometers south called Dominicalito. Dominicalito is one of the prettiest beaches we have seen in Costa Rica. Of course we didn’t have our cameras so you will have to take our word for it.

Rio Lindo Resort

To wrap up the trip we stopped at Playa Bejuco on the way home so that I could get one more surf in while Eli burned some energy on the beach. The tide was low so the waves were not really working, but Eli and I had a great time playing in the waves.

New Car on the beach

Playa bejuco Costa Rica Beach

Playa Bejuco




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  1. I love your new vehicle and the pictures really bring back some great memories! I can almost hear the howler monkeys from here! Thanks for the post..

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