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For the past two months the rains have been coming. We are undoubtedly in the midst of the heavy rain season down here on the Southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica. Every day and night we get at least one good down-poor. Sometimes all day and all night.

The rain is good and has been heavily anticipated by the farmers and the people in the region due to the almost drought like conditions they had during the beginning of the rain season which started back in May.

The town we live in pretty much shuts down for the month of October. The tourism dwindles down to almost nothing this month so many of the restaurants and hotels shut their doors for renovations, or just for some good ol’ time off.

I have been taking a little break from the farm, and the farm to table dinners,to focus on some new projects with clients and to get my home garden set up. Next month things will begin to pick up, but until then I hope to have our new IBC Tote Home-scale Aquaponics system in full swing.

So far things have been right on track. I set the new unit up outside of our kitchen, in an area that I have sort-of put my temporary office. I have got both the fish tank and grow bed set up. The fish tank is filled with water and tilapia. The grow bed is full of grow medium and starter vegetables. I have had the cycle running for about a week and half now, and everything seems to be working just fine.

I have been layering the exterior of the system with bamboo and drift wood that I have been collection from the beach. This is to make the IBC tote a little more pleasing to the eyes. Every morning when I come back from surfing I spend a little longer on the beach filling up my one open arm with as many pieces that I can carry back to the house without falling over. I am still playing around with the look but hope to settle on something soon.







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