“My Country Pond”

Last Saturday we decided to get out of the house for a little so Lyndsey got on Craig’s List and found a lady that sales water plants out her yard in Imperial Beach. We didn’t quite know what to expect when we got there, but upon our arrival we were pleasantly surprised.

Lisa, the owner of  “My Country Pond” has a farm an hour away in Valley Center. She comes down to Imperial Beach on the weekends and tends her rental property, and ponds. She had well over 20 different ponds where she was experimenting with all types of organic and aquaponic systems.

She also had a couple of chicken coops with over 15 hens and a couple of roosters. Along with a few different garden plots. Needless to say the property was pretty large, but not as large as you would expect. Everything seamed to work and it wasn’t too cramped at all.

One of the ponds was full of Koi fish, they were all very large and hungry.

Other ponds were full of all different kinds of of plants like Water Lillies, Variegated Sweet Flag, Louisiana (Water) Iris, Lotus plants and much more. The ponds were also full of Pacific Tree Frog Tadpoles and Leopard Frog Tadpoles.  One of the ponds even had a turtle in it and another had a bull frog.

We decided to splurge so we spent five dollars and bought a handful of tadpoles for our pond along with a few different water plants. The frogs will be good for our garden, if the tadpoles make it. There is really no telling, they have plenty of places to hide in out pond, but the Gold fish will eat just about anything that will fit in their mouth.

It was a good afternoon trip and I learned a lot about ponds and aquaponics first hand by seeing it in action at this level. Needless to say it was a beautiful yard we all had a great time looking around.

Check out My Country Pond.

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  1. Those are GREAT photos! You guys will really enjoy your pond…Vicky and I really enjoy messing with ours!

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