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Spring is in the air, somewhere other than in the southern tip of the Nicoya Penninsula that is. We are heading into the driest part of the summer. This year has been a bit odd, they had their first recorded downpour in February in Mal Pais since they started keeping records. For about 7 hours one night it rained and rained, nearly all evening. It was a pleasant relief for everyone to wake up to a clean sky, trees and mostly roads.

The rain was short lived, and the heat and dust came back strong, like they always do in the summer time down here. I have spending more time on web related projects with clients lately, trying to put away a little extra for when the new baby comes in June. This means I haven’t had as much time to help out up at Hacienda Okhra. Needless to say I have spending more time on my little home-scale garden unit that sits right outside of our kitchen, in an area that I like to turn into a little work station during the day when I am working on my computer.

The other day, just around dusk the Howler Monkeys came on in full force when I was working out by the little garden. They kept going on and on so I grabbed the camera and thought I would take a few shots and some video. Monkeys going off in trees is pretty normal for us down here. I can say that we do not get as excited about it as we used to, but that is not to say that it is not something special to see. The way these primates travel in groups with leaders, mothers and children is rather remarkable. Take the tropical surrounding at dusk and it is a site to see, even if it is in the middle of the summer.

Costa Rica

Santa Teresa Costa Rica

Playa Hermosa Monkey

Howler Monkeys

Santa Teresa Playa Hermosa

Home-scale garden

Monkeys and Gardens

A short clip of the howler monkeys, a little bit of the garden and a little more of our ‘little monkey’ Isabel.

Garden Update Via Urban Fish Farmer

Garden update of the home-scale aquaponics garden installed outside of our kitchen. Four months into it and we have full production of seeds from our leafy greens, fresh tomatoes, and plenty of fish.

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