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Tamarindo Costa Rica

I just got back from doing a recon mission down in Costa Rica. I was looking for places to stay and also searching out information in regards to having our second child down there. The private hospitals in Costa Rica are top notch, medical tourism is on the rise and many gringos are starting to leave the states in search of better medical care at a more reasonable rate. I have always been a fan of Costa Rica, and after our wedding almost 9 years ago, Lyndsey became a fan as well. We had always hoped to move their together to raise a family but the growing pains of having our own business through a struggling economy put a delay on our plans until now.

Tamarindo Costa Rica

We decided that if everything would work out we would attempt to have our second child down in Costa Rica. This would make our baby girl a Tica and a citizen of Costa Rica, giving us the opportunity to become residents and later citizens if we wanted down the road. Only time will tell, but for now we decided to take the steps to make it possible.

Having downsized our business’ in the past few years with our focus on operating them solely from a computer has given us the opportunity to live abroad and work from wherever we choose. Our hope is that our children will have the opportunity to learn a few different languages as well as grow up in a diverse culture. On my recent trip I spent the afternoons working on my computer from the top deck of my friends house, Casa Sonrisa, on the south end of Playa Tamarindo. On a couple of these afternoons a family of Howler Monkeys decided to join me and forage for food in the trees surrounding the deck. I had my handy Iphone 3 and decided to take some video’s of them playing around.

The next Video is a little shaky, but if you watch carefully you will see Howlers jumping/falling over 50ft as they move from tree to tree.

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