Mal Pais Fishing Village

It is hard to believe that we have been down in Mal Pais/Santa Teresa for 5 months already. I guess one of the true testaments as to how long we have been here is how much the kid’s have both grown since we arrived.

Eli is a tried and true 3 year old boy now, having left the toddler behind. He explores, questions and learns a little more each day.

Isabel is a little cruiser, learning to sit up, sleep by herself, and travel around the house with elegance and chaos making us nervous about how fast she gets going in her walker.

We left the house we were staying at in Northern Santa Teresa and picked up a place on the edge of the Cabo Blanco reserve next to the Mal Pais Fishing Village in the Southern end of Mal Pais. We are now around 5k south of where we were staying before.

The new house has a river that runs right by it with cool water coming down from the mountains. There is a lush tree coverage making the new house relatively cool during the heat of the day. The house is more open to the elements yet requires yes utilities. There is much more wildlife around us which is exciting but keeps us on our toes.

The place will take a little adjusting to but so far it has been very pleasant. Mal Pais is quite a bit more layed back than Santa Teresa. There is a lot less people and tourism, making it a desired spot for people looking for less traffic. This is what we were actually looking for, especially since we are entering the busy season down here, where the hotels and streets are full of sun searching tourists.

Right down the street from our new place is the Mal Pais Fishing village where we can pick up fresh fish everyday is we want. It is quick 5 minute walk away down a beautiful secluded beach.

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