Little Ladies

It is funny watching the little chicks grow into hens. The two Cochin that we picked up are especially interesting/cute because of their feathery feet.
Cochin Chicken Chicks

The other Hens, lets call them the original cast members, Rose and Blanch are not to fond of watching the little chicks walking around the set. Rose, more so than Blanch, gets pretty vocal and starts pecking at them letting them know that she is star of this show. Kind of like the way Erik Estrada supposedly treated the other actors who co-starred on the popular 80’s action drama CHiP’s. You remember Ponch and John right? Car chaises, oddly tight outfits, motor cycles… California High Way Patrol.

Cochin Chicks

In a few months we will put them all together and then really find out who is going to sit on top of the pecking order. I know Rose will try to hold her own but who really knows at this point. Will it be one of the old hens or will it be one of the newcomers? The old hens have experience and size on their side, but the new hens are faster and more agile. What may be considered a good quality at this point, might be a negative trait down the road.

chicks chicken hen

Will Blanch find an opening and sneak in as the quiet contender breaking her alliance with Rose? Or will little shy Etta out craft them all when her feathers fill in? I guess we will all have to sit back and wait until next season to see what happens.

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