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Lyndsey documented some moments throughout the day with the kid’s as her subject using an Iphone and Instagram. I think that some of her shots made great lifestyle images of what our days are like in the jungle.

The first picture with the kids camped out on the Honda 420 says it all. You rely on your ATV in the jungle like an Eskimo relies on a snow mobile in the artic. The truth is these kids have already spent more time on a ATV at the age of two and four, than most people will in their entire life.

In the rain season they take it every day to the bus stop, the grocery store, the beach, out for errands, just about anywhere they are not walking to. We maybe use our car once or twice a week if we are not going on any trips. That means that most of the time they are on the ATV.

We try to use our quad as much as we can because it can take the roads better than the Pathfinder. Maybe not better, but it does save on gas and repairs on the Nissan. I would say it is an easier ride when the roads are bad, and right now the roads are pretty bad getting out to our neck of the woods.

The downside is trying to use a ATV in the dry season. The dust is so bad on the dirt roads that you are much better off taking a car and driving with your windows up and AC blaring on the cabin recycle.






“no root no fruit” – Utah Phillips




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