La Jolla Children’s Pool

Eli 2 Years Old
Childrens Pool Lajolla
Eli at the childrens pool
Harbor Seals

We decided to hit up the La Jolla Children’s Pool this morning so that we could all get a look at some harbor seals in the wild. The seals have pretty much taken over the Children’s Pool which use to be where mom’s would hang out with their kid’s. Some residents want the seals to leave, and others think that they should stay. It is rather amusing becasue as you make your way down to the water you have some activists trying to protect the harbor seal, with their table of images, flyers and other propaganda set up. Take a few more steps and you will have someone else trying to sale you a mask and snorkel so that you can go swim with the seals, with images of people petting seals belly’s while gently frolicking in the water. Which is not recommended and quite insane considering seals are known to bite if provoked.

I have been a to a number of beaches in Southern California as I have lived hear most of my life. Most of the time, outside of the occasional passer-by in the line-up while you are waiting for waves, the only time that you are going to see a seal is if you get on a boat. I think that it is great the seals have chosen this cove as a breeding ground, because I have never seen anything else like it in Southern California. It is just unfortunate for the seals sake that they picked La Jolla, California, one of the most snotty and pretentious communities in all of Southern California, perhaps the United States.

All the same we respect the seals and stay off of the sand and view them from the nice sea wall. I am sure that he snobs will get their way and the seals will be forced out, until then it is a great place to visit if you are ever in San Diego.

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