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Día del Niño (kid’s day) in Costa Rica

Kids Day Mal Pais

Children’s day (Día del Niño) in Costa Rica is celebrated on September 9th. When it falls on a school day, which it does more often than not, the kids get to celebrate like it is a holiday. At Eli’s school each parent buys a gift for their kid and they all get to open them at one time.

I remember when I was a kid I use to ask my dad why there wasn’t a kid’s day. We had a father’s day and a mother’s day, but no kid’s day. He told me that every day was kid’s day, and it wasn’t until I was a father that i totally understood what that meant.

In Costa Rica, kids day is special because many of the kids are not do not have as much things, toys, electronics etc, or in other words they are not as spoiled as their neighbors a few countries north. They pretty much only get gifts on their birthday or holidays, not just for listening or shortening a tantrum. This makes it special to get a new toy or game. This year our kids got a new mask and snorkel, next year a net, and then a spear, after that they go get fresh fish… I kind of like kids day.

Kids Day Mal Pais

Kids Day Mal Pais

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